The only part they told us about Entrepreneurship was that we would be our own bosses.

But They never told us that we would fail many times before we succeed.
They never told us that we would work 5 times more than our employees and not get anything sometimes
They never told us that this would cripple our credit score. That we will be in debt and owe alot of people money.
No one said anything about the sleepless nights trying to figure out a way forward.
No one told us about the stress and anxiety.

No one told us that this will cause conflict between us and or relatives and family members
No one told us that we would be jokes to the society especially when we start changing from one business to another.

No one told us that sometimes we will go six months without any income. Living in the edge and surviving through borrowing money from different people.

No one told us that our doors would be shut down due failure to pay staff, they can’t get to work.

No one told us we would be hobos at some point.
No one told us that our wife’s and “fiancée’s” would leave us because they will not understand our journey.

No one told us that we will have to be more than patient.
That we would make so many mistakes end up losing a lot of money
That at some point we would have to risk our lives in order to move forward

We had to figure this out all by ourselves.
Many gave up on the journey.
Some died on the journey.

But some of us after going through so much pain we decided that we were going to succeed or die trying .
Some of us we are never giving up on this no matter what. We are now doing it and very aware of the circumstances.
It’s win or nothing for us and it’s too late to go back now.

We are entrepreneurs!!

Author Unkown