How to Avoid Wrinkles and Look Younger Ever

Age is a natural thing that happens to all of us. As years go by, wrinkles start to appear on our face and it is something that we can’t control. But there are certain things that we do that usually speed up wrinkles processes on our faces.

If you want to avoid wrinkles and look younger then avoid these things: so that you can slow down the process of wrinkling of your skin.



Alcohol in bigger amounts causes the whole organism to dehydrate. When the skin is dehydrated all the time it results with wrinkles. Alcohol also destroys the amount

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is rich in sugar and may cause problems in oral cavity and besides that it can speed up the process of appearing of wrinkles around the mouth. Reduce the number of chewing gum you put in your mouth so that you prevent premature aging.


There is a scientific research that proved that smoking does speed up the aging because it was conducted on twins. Besides harmful and toxins that harm the respiratory organs, smoking also speeds up the appearing of wrinkles on your face so if you are a smoker, this is good reason to quit. 9 EVERYDAY HABITS THAT CAUSE PREMATURE WRINKLING


The food you eat also affects the health of your skin and appearing on wrinkles. Restrictive diets as well as foods that have high glycemic index are making you age fast. Sugar has the ability to bind to proteins in the skin cells and destroys the elasticity of the skin making it saggy and wrinkly.

of vitamin A which is important for regeneration of the skin and the production of collagen.

Hands on the face

Are your hands on your hands all the time? You always touch, squeeze, pick around every acne or blackheads. Besides the fact that all the dirt from your hands will go to your face, you may cause infections, inflammations, scars and most of all wrinkles.

Sleeping with make up

Do you go to bed with your entire make up? You are then begging for wrinkles to appear on your face. The make up together with all gathered dirt on your face are filling up the pores and go to the inner layer of the skin and destroy the collagen.  Make sure you always remove the makeup and wash your face before you go to bed.


The skin on your face is sensitive and you need to treat in gently. If you rub it roughly with cosmetic brush or with a towel, or you use force when you put on makeup, then you are not doing anything good to your skin but cause premature aging. Besides that make sure you don’t stretch your skin around the eyes or don’t open your mouth to much or lift your eyebrows too much when you put the make up on.

Too much sun

Just 5 minutes on the sun can ruin the collagen and cause wrinkles. Therefore it is important to apply the sunscreen on your skin so that you can protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkles. Apply sunscreen with minimum 30 UV factor that contains zinc oxide before you go out on sun.


If you sleep on your face, your skin will be smashed from the surface of the pillow. This habit will eventually cause premature wrinkles on your skin. Therefore find sleeping position that will be appropriate and if you can’t give up on the habit use soft pillows with satin or silk pillowcases.

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