We Need Resistance to Make Progress

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Life is full of challenges. In the midst of our challenges we all want to be encouraged and be assisted.

Encouraging someone to keep working hard till he/she achieves his/her goal has become so popular that it has almost lost its meaning in our society.

Rejection is a difficult thing to embrace. Moving on with Yes is easy, but hearing No is difficult, accepting a Yes is easy, but accepting rejection is very difficult.

When rejection, becomes daily occurrence, it can lead to dangerous feelings. Some may feel they are cursed and others may land in depression.

Recently, two top players in their various industries shared about the number of rejections they have had to go through, and when they placed them side by side with the deals they have signed, we discovered that they’ve had more “No” than “Yes”.

In Physics, resistance is an important force just as it is to life itself. There can be no motion without resistance. In fact, resistance aids motion. You can’t walk without the resistance force from the ground to the steps your feet take.

It is therefore important to understand that resistance must always show up whenever we set our minds to achieve anything. We must learn from the eagle, and use our resistance to glide into our goals

A bird must displaced an amount of air equal to its weight in order To fly, to float, an object must displace an amount of water equal to its weight. To move, you must displace the wind in front of you. You must be able to resist something to move forward or achieve your goals in life.

Resistance is an important part of nature, the problem is our lack of determination to displace it., and we must learn to use it to achieve our goals.

Don’t give up, keep pressing, keep moving!

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